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Finally got some rest!

I swear that I am never having kids. I had to stay with my aunt and uncle for a couple of nights, to help with Brock and the new baby Zane. Which means zero hours of sleep. Bah. Last night I finally managed to get a few hours, but today I did nothing but lounge around and rest. My energy level still sucks because I was sick last week, but it's getting a little better now with rest. I was just so damned exhausted. But now I'm getting a break, even though I'm sure I'll have to go back up to their house sometime this week to help some more. Not that I mind, I love them all so much. :D

I wrote some today, which is good because I could focus on one thing and not get too sidetracked. I actually got quite a bit written too, so I'm proud. I'll try to write some more tonight and tomorrow. I also got to play in Photoshop some, which I missed terribly while I was gone. Now I need to start working on the Julien-K logos and such that I promised Ryan.

Right now I'm going to finish eating dinner, because all I've eaten today was some cinnamon toast I made earlier, and drink some soda for caffinee. Then it's back to photoshop! :D Maybe some writing, and possibly some RP to help with inspiration for the writing, depending on if the few people I RP with are online or not. Toodles.
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