Lane (kruspe_kreme) wrote,


Dentists..I'm going to burn the motherfucker's office down. This is the second time this has happened. I go in to get my tooth pulled, and they say they have to do it at another time. Ugh. Bastards. I have to go in on Monday and they're giving me an IV and sedating me to pull my tooth. Then I have to wait 3 months, and go back again so they can give me another IV and put me drill a screw down into my jaw where that tooth has been. And then guess what?....I get to wait ANOTHER 3 months! Yay! Note the sarcasm. And then finally I have to go back for the dentist to put a crown on so it looks like my tooth was never pulled. All of that because some moron dickhead dentist didn't do a root canal right the first time 5 years ago! Bah.

In happier news, I LUFF eviltwin. She made me a pretty icon today and she's making me an LJ layout and style and such and I'm so excited. She's too good to me.

I'm glad Valentine's Day is over and done with. I'm not too fond of that day at all. Hm. What's next?..Easter? I luff Easter. Bunnies and chickies and precious little fuzzy animals everywhere! Yay! And candy! Wee! Alright, I'm off to work on my latest project with The Street Syndicate. Some comedian from Comedy Central. Don't know much about him, I just know I'm supposed to promot him so that should keep me busy enough until the 20th. Tata for now!
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~licks~ Lovesyou.
-watches the easter bunnies run for the hills- Dammit.

-licks back- Luff you mooore!
:o Your icon is fawking hot!
-giggles- Danke! I luff it.
Fuckin' dentists. Gah. I hate them! *kicks them* I hope they get this shit done right this time.

They shall..or I will burn down their office!

I will! I have some gasoline and matches riiiight here. -pats her supplies- Yep. We don't need no water, let the motherfucker burn.