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-hypnotized by the beauty of her new layout- TRACEY! I LUFF YOU FOREVER!

She made me a new layout style and it's soooo pretty! I luff it sooo much! -bounces all over-

I can just stare at it for days! For this she shall be greatly rewarded! I just don't know how just yet!...but it will be good! Until then..I'm Tracey's bitch! :D!
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OH MY GOD ~cries~ I've always wanted a bitch.

Well Merry Christmas!..and..Happy Birthday!..yeah. :D I'll be a good bitch too. Like "whoa".. -nudge nudge- See? I'm speaking your language now and everything. :D
Dog's bollocks! XD
-stares- Yes..damn bollocks. -confused headtilt-
-distracts with pixie stix!-
If it's the dog's bollocks, that means it's really really good. But if it's just bollocks, then that's really bad.
:jealous: ;.;
~takes requests~
>>; I love u...but hes_a_loser did me a layout x_x <3