Lane (kruspe_kreme) wrote,

I'm finally awake enough to get online. Christ, I've never been put under before..that shit knocked me out. I don't remember anything really from this morning, except that they had to wheel me out to the car in a wheelchair because I couldn't walk. My mouth doesn't hurt..yet. But I'm on Vicadin (sp?), which I absolutely love. I only get to be on that stuff when I really hurt myself, like breaking a foot or something like that. But now I get to be on it again, so yay!

I can't drink anything through a straw yet..which is no good..and I have to wait three months to go get a screw put into my jaw. There was a lot of bone damage apparently, so we may have to wait a little longer until the screw goes the bone can regrow and such. They said to be very careful because even a small blow to my jaw could shatter it. That's really scary. -whimper-

Anyways..I don't know how long I'll be able to fight this stuff off so I can stay awake, but we'll see. I really don't want to sleep again, I hate sleeping during the day. I'll try to amuse myself in Photoshop or something. If anyone wants something done, no matter what it is, tell me so I can actually have something to do..because my creativity level isn't quite up to par just yet.
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~wipes a tear away~

It really, really is. I have all those pics saved. And just. GUH. Foursomes are the bestest. And I think we should just stick it all in the tatfic, know? It's like THE FIC OF DOOM now. It's over 100K. :O Shocking, really!

We'll write some tomorrow, cause I'm guessing you'll probably feel more up to it. ~very careful kisses~

Hope it doesn't hurt too much.
OMFG YOU TEASE YOU TEASE YOU TEASE! DONT MENTION THE TAT FIC UNTIL YOU HAVE MORE OF IT OMFG *dead* (ps i think a foursome would be wonderful.. )
OH sorry I was distracted by the mention of the fic, but i hope you get feelin better soon! damn dentists! *careful hug*
Eeep, that sounds scary. :( *joins in jaymie's careful hug*
I'm all late and shit..but.. -hugs back- Danke. :D
-waves- Hello, fellow Rammsteiner :)

I think I shall add you!

and GUH. picture. itchysushibomb. -ded-
Dah! I just now noticed your comment, sorry dude. :D And yes, add me and I shall add you back.

-gasp- you know of itchysushibomb? Isn't it brilliant??!
Yay for being added! -glomp-

Yes, I Looooveee itchysushibomb. Brilliant indeed... -thud-
Sorry to be a buzzkiller here, but the artist of that particular picture asks that you please not directly link to her art. She's hosted by the owner of for free, and she doesn't want to drain the site's bandwidth.

Sorry :/
Eep! Sorry. I hadn't even realized I'd done that. I'll go fix it now. Thanks for letting me know!.. -scurries off to go fix it-