Lane (kruspe_kreme) wrote,

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Kruspe Kreme: do know what this means, ja?
vanadium ix: ...
vanadium ix: you win
vanadium ix: FOR NOW
Kruspe Kreme: :D!!!

Muwahahahahaaa! I WIN! -does a tribal victory dance-


In other news, SXSW is this I'm going to be very busy. Lou's coming with a few people from D1. He's bringing the Orgy DVD on VHS so we can all watch it and make sure it's up to par. LOL. And then when he gets back they're going to get it all put on DVDs and shipped out, hopefully by late March. So yay for Orgy fans! Hm, what else? Not much really, just that I luff Jaymie more! And Tracey too, but she knows better than to challenge me! :D
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