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SXSW is over!

Gah. I'm absolutely exhausted! I think I got a grand total of like..10 hours of sleep in the last four days combined. South by Southwest this year was amazing. Lou got us laminates for D1 VIP and we went to all kinds of parties. We were at the Spin Magazine party, that was held in this hosue that Luke and Owen Wilson rent out. The next day we went to the Levi's/Fader Magazine party. Then we went to the Blender Magazine/Chris Ellis (the guy who did a bunch of posters for Orgy) parties. We saw Chris Rock there. Then we went to another Spin Magazine party, and we got a bunch of cool free stuff. It was sponsered by Nintendo DS. And then last night we were at the Monster Engery Drink showcase, saw a bunch of really kick ass bands. I also got to meet Jim and Brian from the Street Syndicate, they were totally rad. We got some pictures together to put up on their website and I know I looked like shit because I was so tired and wore out from all the days/nights of parties. Ugh. I don't even know how many bands we met. I was introduced to a lot of really important contacts in L.A., and before June I may end up moving there (with two certian people I never thought I'd live with, and who I know will drive me absolutely crazy. Congrats to one of them, btw!)

Let's see. What else? Oh, some really rad things are coming up with Orgy. I'm super excited about it. Also, a date's been set for the DVD release but I'm not allowed to say when yet. But they're 99% sure it won't change. Speaking of which, I got to see the DVD Friday night. It was hilarious! Everyone's going to absolutely love it! It's like..2 and a half hours long. Footage from way back in 1997 to present. It's great, Bobs and Fab did an awesome job! I also got to hang out some with K-E-V, who's a new rap artist on the D1 label. Even thought rap's not my cup of tea, the dude was really nice and rad, so it works for me.

That's all I can type right now. I'm sleepy and I think I'm about to pass out. If I remember more from the weekend, I'll post it. Until then, goodnight!
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