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Happy Birthday to the worlds greatest bassist, Oliver Riedel!

Happy Birthday to my lovely friend, Ryan Shuck!

And most importantly..

Happy Birthday to the best uncle anyone could ever ask for, my Uncle Steve!

And for those of you who know what's happening with Brock, he gets to go home today! Which is the best birthday gift, I'm sure, that Uncle Steve could ever hope for. :D I'm so happy, we're about to go see them now. Then I have to call Ryan and leave obnoxious messages of the Birthday Song.

So today is a totally swingy day, filled with overwhelming amounts of specialness moments! Horray!
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Awww.. I'm so glad he gets to go home! ~hugs for him..and kisses for YOU~
Me too! I can't wait to see him tonight. He called us and left a message on our answering machine, "Go home..where Lanie? Where Caci?" I was like "I MUST GO SEE HIM!" Aw. I have to buy him a gift too!

Deleted comment

:D! Thanks! I loff my username so much! I'm glad you got some joy out of it. -salutes-
I never see you online any more! I miss you! Im going to text you in a bit I believe. But in the meantime I'm leaving you a comment. ♥
I have two new things for you to add; lj & aim. Altho I think you have the aim bc it was a hiding name & I think you had it. But anyways.
confect & aim is just soakedin
♥ ♥
mm, if you ever come back, i miss you.
'tis emily, aka hes_a_loser.

hope you're well.