Lane (kruspe_kreme) wrote,

Hallo, hallo!

I know I've never posted under this name..but it's brand new! I haven't even set up the journal all the way yet. My journal name used to be "liquid_idiot" and even then I didn't post much, but now I'm going to start! I'll begin with filling out this bio thingie. :)

Hm. I suppose I might as well start with the pictures first:
Multi-Colored Hair!
This is an older picture of me. Like..erm..9 months or so. I change my hair style a lot, but I think this was my favorite.
R+ Shirt!
And this was the next stage, this one isn't so old. And that's my favorite shirt! :) Which is the main reason I posted that picture.
Shadowed Picture
That's just a random picture. I don't have any pics from the last month or so..right now my hair's shorter and all black. Kind of crazy, sticking up everywhere. It's fun! :D

So here's a little bit about me. I'm 20 years old and I live in Austin, Texas. I live for music. Since before I can remember I have been totally obsessed with music. A lot of different styles as well..just no rap or bad pop music. I've been in several of music workshops, and I went to an audio school last year. I now have my degree in Audio Engineering, and I've completed courses is Business of Music, Audio for TV and Film, and music production/sound design. It's a total blast and I love it. I'm also a liscensed bartender, which is also a lot of fun.

I got into R+ through another band, actually. I think someone mentioned them in another bio or post. A band called Orgy. They toured with R+ during the Family Values 98' Tour. I work with Orgy, and they're good friends of mine. I had heard of R+ before and liked a few of their songs, but I really got into them after having a long conversation with one of Orgy's guitarists (Ryan Shuck, the one who kissed Till on the FVT vid. lol) about how genius R+ was. I went out and bought the CDs and absolutely fell in love with the music. It was history, after that. Now I do a lot of my work by promoting bands, concerts, record releases..that kind of stuff. I actually did a lot with the US release of Reise, Reise. :) It's tons of fun and I really enjoy it.

I'm online quite often because of how much work I do over the internet, and I love chatting with people. I've chatted with a few people from the pimp, but not nearly enough! :) My AIM name is KruspeKreme, just like the journal name, and I'd love to hear from some of you! I try to be as entertaining as possible, so hopefully you won't be too bored. lol. I suppose that's all you need to know for now. Hope to get to know you all better! <3<3

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