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I cleaned all morning. Bah. Cleaning is no fun. But then I checked the mail and I got the package with the special custom drawing that a friend/comic book artist out of Belgium did for my mother. We're going to use it as a tattoo, one of my Xmas presents to her. It's really neat, a heart engulfed in flames with two angels out to the side. Each angel will hold my sister and I's initials, it's going to look great! The tattoo artist is the best in the state of TX, I swear.

Today I'm ordering the birthday gifts for Mr. Jay Gordon, so they'll get there to Los Angeles by his birthday. Hopefully. The mail system is so messed up, but they better not let me down this time! These gifts are parishable, or however in the hell it's spelt. I need to go see Baby Zane today..but I can't. -cries- I'll have to go tomorrow and spend the night at their house. Yes..that sounds like a plan indeed. Photoshop..must make more icons..and other sparkly things that make me giddy! :D
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